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Aims & Objective of AHM
  1. To engage and assist in service activities and action program of the needy of all kinds of youths and women, especially for the improved of the living condition of the poor people in the rural areas in Tamil Nadu without any destination of caste, creed of denomination.
  2. To provide free education of orphans poor and backward children irrespective of Caste, creed and religion.
  3. To institute health care and other service as may be necessary.
  4. To create critical awareness among the rural people.
  5. To establish documentation centre of development aspect.
  6. To conduct research studies on various aspects of development and their relation to gross National products, job opportunities education services, social change, social justice and Development priorities.
  7. To help People to understand the concept of development the process for social change From dependency to decision making.
  8. To Borrow monies for the purpose of a society / without interests and unsecured or secured Properties of the society.
  9. The activities would be a purely charitable /religious nature not motivated for profit.
  10. To start training and educational institutions for the benefit of the rural people irrespective of Caste, creed and religion.
  11. To impart social education.
  12. To establish and maintain libraries and reading rooms for the promotion of the above Objects.
  13. To promote handicrafts and to start training, production and sales centers for the benefits of Poor girls, school drop outs, windows and destitute.
  14. To design and run appropriate welfare Centers and counseling services at the community Level for society, physically and mentally handicapped, aged and destitute.
  15. To undertake all economical and human resource development activities.
  16. To publish books, Magazine periodicals, folks songs, folk stories and other literatures for the Benefits of students.
  17. To hold, organize, conduct, supervise, oversee or finance or support conferences, Workshops, Seminars, lectures, debates, music class, meeting or any other seminar Activity to promote the above objects including moral education.
  18. To promote socio –Cultural awareness, patriotism, socio cultural units, affinity to Heritage, National unity, sense of sacrifice, brother hood, sense of duty and national Responsibility among the general public.
  19. To Collaborate and co – operate with Government and Non- Government organization in The development activities for the behalf of the poor and needy.
  20. To conduct action oriented research studies, case studies etc.
  21. To undertake socio – economic projects on behalf of the society for the need of the Community.
Legal Status of AHM
  1. Registered as an Indian societies Act 27of 1975
  2. 12AA of the Income tax Act 1961
  3. 80G (5) (vi) of the I.T. Act 1961
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